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South Coast BJJ & MMA is a martial arts school that teaches the arts of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Mixed Martial Arts in a safe and family friendly environment.

Our gyms ethos is training in an environment that is fun, friendly and peaceful unlike other gyms where ego dominates. This way, true learning occurs and ironically, our students have shown on many occasions to surpass those of other schools because ego doesn't get in the way of our students reaching their own potential. 

Head instructor Tom Davey  is the South Australian Head of BJJ Australasia and is a direct student under legendary Brazilian Jiu Jitsu coral belt Carlos Machado (8th degree black belt) and Australian BJJ pioneer John Will (5th degree black belt). 

South Coast BJJ is under the RCJ Machado Association banner and Will Machado BJJ organisation.                                                                         

What is Brazilian Jiu Jitsu?

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is a martial art that began sweeping the world by storm in 1993 when the Gracie family who founded BJJ funded a series of no rules fight tournaments to prove which martial art was superior. Since that time, BJJ has given millions of people around the world a fun way to get fit, meet new friends and develop cutting edge proven combative skills. The unique thing about BJJ is that most training is done 'wrestling' on the ground to enable a smaller opponent to overcome a larger opponent easily without the use of hitting or striking. By training this way, you can go 'all out' without injury to give you the confidence to tackle any confrontation, be it physical or mental. We cater to those looking at BJJ for fun, fitness, competition, life improvement and even just those there for the team environment and camaraderie. At SCBJJ, we have your back!

What is MMA?

Mixed Martial Arts (or MMA) is a hybrid fighting style given popularity by the rise of the UFC. Our club offers a technical MMA class that follows a grading schedule that is not based on how 'tough' you think you are, but rather on your class time spent doing our realistic training drills and learning not just the striking, clinching, takedown and submission techniques but most importantly the glue that binds them together into our MMA system. This grading structure is a mirror of John Will's program and gradings are widely recognised within his massive martial arts community. Whether it is for fun, fitness, MMA competition or street defence, this is a great (yet tough) class for the martial artist looking to take their skills to the next level for the street or the cage. We do have several students training at any one time for upcoming MMA fights so if this is a path you wish to go down, you are in a great place.

We also offer self-defense based learning in our MMA classes each week as we split the class up based on student goals. These are very popular with both female and male students alike that may have no interest in ever competing inside a cage but rather want real self-defense skills taught in a safe environment.

Fitness that is fun!

Nothing's more important than good health. So why aren't you working out? Probably because it's not normally that much fun. By taking a look at the midsections of BJJ competitors, you will be hard pressed NOT to see great abs! Come and try a free lesson and you will know why your greatest physique and health is only months away.

Not only do we have plenty of floor space with the softest mats you will ever train on, but we also have many other great facilities to keep you fit. We have an amazing array of fitness equipment to support your healthy lifestyle including a rock climbing wall, 5kg-50kg dumbells, weight bench, kettle-bells, climbing ropes, a TRX, medicine balls,  gymnastic rings, etc.


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