Rules and Etiquette

      One warning per student

 Next warning will result in being ‘not so politely’ asked to leave the gym permanently

  • Bow when you enter the training facility.
  • All instructors are to be addressed as Sir or Coach when on the mat.
  •  All fees are to be paid BEFORE you set foot on the mats.
  • No swearing, racism or harassment from any students.
  • Tap early when being submitted.
  • Give all opponents plenty of time to tap before they get injured.
  •  No neck cranks, spinal cranks, wrist locks or leg locks of any kind below blue belt.
  •  No slamming opponents from any positions.
  • No hands, knees, forearms or elbows to the opponents face.
  •  Advise coach immediately if you are cut, bleeding, or injured.
  • Wash your gi after every class.
  • Do not talk on the mats when instructor is speaking.
  •  No ‘giving advice’ during a roll unless at least 2 stripes above your training partner.
  • Always wear thongs when off the mat and wipe your feet before stepping back on.