by Coach Tom Davey

Belts & honesty

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is a serious martial art. It's not about "believing", but rather "testing" everything you know every night you train so that you know what works in real life! This is why each Jiu Jitsu belt is so special because each belt takes years and represents countless hours of blood, sweat and tears to achieve!

I must admit that I see 2 patterns play out that run contrary to what the Jiu Jitsu belt system stands for.

Case study 1: the 'afraid colored belt'.

I see too many athletes hide behind their belts as they feel unsure of the outcome of hard sparring. By doing this however, ironically their skill set cannot improve and they tend to become either over or under confident in their fighting abilities. Don't hide behind your belt, fight to show why you are worthy of wearing it!

Case study 2: the 'pretender'

This student is usually a white belt however doesn't wear their belt. They feel better than a white belt so leave it at home. Humorously they tend to wear a different belt from another martial art (anything but white) or simply none at all. This shows one thing: that they need to be honest and consequently, be more humble!

I myself, am a black belt in MMA under Professor John Will and a purple belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu under Professor Carlos Machado. I do not hide behind my ranks, I still spar and compete in front of my students constantly. Have I tapped plenty of black belts? Absolutely. Have I been tapped by lesser belts? Absolutely. But until one of my 2 amazing coaches grades me differently, I will wear my belts with pride! Don't let me catch any of my white belts not wearing their belts. If people don't know you have been training for 18 months as a white belt and could man handle them at your will, then match their
ignorance with your quiet confidence.

-Coach Tom (-: